Sunday, June 8, 2008

What A Long Strange Trip It's Been....

As I write this recap, I am sitting at home in my dad's office attempting to decompress... so where did I leave off? I have been a lazy blogger.. maybe not lazy, just dreading, and wondering how to wrap up this whole adventure. So Here I go..

Thursday night was Bikram
s final lecture and he introduced us to the sacred and seemingly mysterious Shitali breathing techniques. With the lights dimmed to a minimum in the auditorium and no sound other than the long steady breaths of 300 yogis, it was inded an experience. Actually I was waiting for the Oiuja board to come out, or to hear "Light as a Feather-". But I awsn't disappointed by the breathing. It was intense, a little freaky, but intense. The 10 minute exercise felt like it was lasting an hour, and I kept hearing Bikram's voice in my head telling us "No matter what happens, don't stop, just keep doing it" I guess the sensations are different for everyone, but for me it felt as though every exhale I was sinking down and drowning. Had it not been for how absolutely euphoric the inhales felt, I think I woulda disregarded the Boss and walked out. Despite my discomfort through the exhales, I trusted the process - like every other situation here, and I survived.
Friday was graduation and I kept having deja vu of some strange cross between high school prom and college commencement. I had to bite my tongue from saying "C'mon mom, just take the picture" because I felt so certain I had done this before and my parents had been there. But no. this was different. Very different. I can't explain how odd it was to see everyone dressed in all their finery. Girls who I had only seen dripping with sweat in their spandex now had on not only mascara, but eye liner on. Hair products other than leave in conditioner had been used, along with numerous heat styling tools, I suspect. Men and women alike were all beaming with pride and anticipation of finally Graduating. I couldn't have been happier to see a can of Diet Coke sitting on my chair waiting for me as a special graduation present from someone. (I've consumed way too much Diet Coke in the past 9 weeks.. it's the closest thing i've had to home, and I've clung to it)

As far as the ceremony itself, it was lovely. The demonstration went flawlessly, Craig was charming and Bikram was on his best behavior. Not only did he abstain from any dirty jokes, references to his balls, or any use of the F word, but he gave a surprisingly linear and easy to follow speech. Except I do admit, I was getting a kick out of trying to imagine what the visiting family and freinds were thinking trying to follow along... I guess understanding of Bikram is not something easily acquired, as it did take me 9 weeks to finally start comprehending him.

Directly following the graduation we had yet another buffet.. i'm so over buffets it's not even funny. Apparently so was everyone else because the seats at the bar were immiediately filled in with yogi's. I guess Erika and I were not the only ones who thought it would be a good idea to start the celebratory cocktails before brunch... Friday night was a little blurry to many, but I have to say everyone seemed to be having a great time and we're in good spirits. The next day however, not everyone looked their yoga best.. but thanks to a combination of lots of gatorade before bed and plenty of pedialyte in my cocktails -yes i'm serious. if there's one thing I've learned at training, it's that pedialyte can cure anything- And now I know it can prevent hangovers. Bonus.

But now I'm back home sweet home, and still it feels surreal. I really can't believe it's all over. All the pain, struggle, tears, and buckets of sweat I am happy to say goodbye to. But for the friendships gained, strength obtained, and countless laughs, I am sad to be leaving. I know that the real journey will begin for me Tuesdat at 6am when I teach my first class, but I feel grateful and blessed to have taken this trip. Words cannot express what these past 9 weeks have meant to me. With gratitude I thank each and every person that has supported me throughout. And If you're interested in mo' yogimo-- stay tuned!!!


Sara Culler said...

I have been following your blog since day one and I must say - One of the best blogs from training this year. I wish you much joy and happiness in your "new" life out there teaching this amazing yoga.
Someday I'll be able to afford to go to training too - I've been wanting to go since my fist class in 2003...
Sincerely and Namasté,
Sara (US-citizen living in Malmo, Sweden)

thedancingj said...

AWESOME, girl - congratulations!! Good luck with the first class! Where do you teach by the way? I'd love to swing by during my summer travels... :)