Tuesday, June 3, 2008

long time no type... i know i know. last weekend was a fun and busy weekend. i went out to dinner saturday and sunday nights and it felt so wonderful to actually put on a little black dress again. I'm still dreadfully missing wearing high heels, but all in due time. actually time is ticking away here. down to five more classes. emmy is back and has been teaching the morning classes. this is terrible to admit, but at this point i think my body is just going through the motions right now. i'm just over it and ready to be back in california. last night I had a dream i had a posture clinic at 2Me... That's not strange at all. In my dream, the whole crew was there and Huey, was the visiting teacher and he was critiquing me from behind the bar. I remember being in a panic and trying to sit in my car to do some last minute studying in the parking lot, but it was some crazy new dialog that I had never seen before. okay, enough about that, i'm off to go put in some work down at the pool before afternoon lecture with boss. ps- we had the pleasure of watching more Bollywood till 3am last night. i made it through the first half hour in my chair and then finally gave up and curled into a fetal position between other bodies and chair legs on the floor. what kind of a strange trip is this?

pps- pictures and more "flair" to follow in the near future i promise

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you're rounding the far turn and definitely in the home stretch. yay!
see you soon, yogimo.